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Five Minutes With: Molly Smith, Bluffton Boys & Girls Club director

Molly Smith never really danced anything more than the Electric Slide. Now, she's ready to dance with the stars.

The director of the Bluffton Boys & Girls Club is one of 10 contestants participating Sunday in the "Dancing with the Local Stars" fundraiser for the Strive to Excel youth organization.

Like the similarly named ABC show, each local star is getting paired with a professional dance instructor from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio to learn a routine and perform it live.

Smith explains how she's dancing her way to stardom.

Question. How's it going so far?

Answer. It's amazing. This is a first in my life that I've had the opportunity to do this level of dancing. It's opening up a whole new world. I'm loving it.

Q. Did you consider yourself a good dancer before?

A. I had never danced before in my life. I would get out and play with the kids (at the Boys & Girls Club). They do those line dances -- to the left, to the right, now kick. I have never been a dancer. I have no rhythm. But it's getting better. At first I thought there was no hope. But those guys from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio are so motivating and uplifting. They made me feel like I can do it. I'm better. They tell me I'm doing great, but I don't know if I'm great quite yet.

Q. Are you ready for the real "Dancing with the Stars"?

A. I'm hoping (laughs). If not, I hope to continue dancing. It's fun. It's better than exercising. My dance is swing. But I'm looking forward to the tango, the salsa. I want to do all of it.

Q. Something more than just the Chicken Dance?

A. Oh, definitely.

Q. You're up against some stiff competition. How do you expect to do?

A. I hope I do decent. But I'm not looking to win. It's all about raising the scholarship funds for the kids. But I'm trying hard. I have this move in my routine I'm having trouble with. I'm trying to get my kids to teach me. It's like a Beyonce move. They are just cracking up at me. I'm like, "Miss Molly is about to get up before the public and embarrass me and you if you don't teach me this dance." They've been taking 30 minutes at the end of each day to help me.