Island Recreation Association board elects officers

The Hilton Head Island Recreation Association has recently elected officers and members for its board of directors.

Officers are: Kyle Theodore, president; Dana Millen, vice president; Susan Hughson, treasurer; Scott Sutton, secretary; Bubba Gillis, past president; Alan Perry, project chair; and Mike Manesiotis, PALS Liaison.

The Board of Directors includes: Scott Sutton, Bob Stevens, Suzan Weber, Keri Olivetti, Chris Maldonado, Bubba Gillis, Alan Perry, Mike Manesiotis, Marty Pauls, Susan Hughson, Barry Taylor, Anne Delvecchio, John Brighton, Kyle Theodore, Joe Mezera, Dana Millen and Matt Clark.

Founders and Board Member Emeritus are Brian Carmines and Charles Perry. Patrick Carey is also a Board Member Emeritus.

Terms begin July 1. The association always needs volunteers to serve on its advisory board and help with programs, community events and recreation services. Details: Frank Soule, 843-681-7273 or