TV memories come to the Sun City Follies

For those who believe television's heyday was a while ago, Sun City performers have a show for you.

A cast of about 78 "Follies" performers will take the audience back to the era before reality TV. The show opens with the "June Taylor Dancers," and the rest of the evening continues down memory lane.

Do you remember who said "Good night, Dick?" What about "To the moon, Alice!"

Here are some more brain teasers: "You bet your sweet bippy;" "Here comes the judge;" "Here is the hermetically sealed envelope;" and finally: "One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy".

Singing, dancing, comedy and classic rock and roll numbers will be part of this fun annual Sun City entertainment event. The performers may get the audience dancing in the aisles.

Do you remember what series starred Roger Moore (hint: think of the word "Gunn")? And remember the actress who pulled her ear at the end of the show? You won't believe what she has in store for you.