These rocks shaped my life for the better

Believe it or not, rocks have played a significant role in my life.

During my childhood, the park near my house had two walking paths, a high trail and a low trail. Sandwiched in between was a gray rock of mammoth proportions which intrigued me. At the top, I played king of the mountain; at the bottom, I stood in awe of its monolithic grandeur and pictured my flattened remains should I fall from the top. In my teens, I became a rock hound with my father, searching beaches and river beds for geodes and semi-precious stones. I adopted a family of pet rocks - rabbits - which lived on my night stand to keep me company. Never a fan of hard rock music, I have always been a fan of hard rocks - of the "a girl's best friend" variety - and wore proudly Bob's diamond inlaid fraternity pin and the engagement solitaire he gave me. As an adult, I have visited rock and stone formations in the great Southwest, stood in awe of spectacular mountains around the world and visited the Rock of Gibraltar with its resident monkeys. Now, my granddaughters and I culminate our neighborhood walks at a large rock perfectly suited for play. Right before my eyes, that rock has morphed from pirate ship, to school bus, to a home with a family - all at the whim of Ainsley's and Kaylin's imaginations. I awaited each metamorphosis with curiosity and delight. And then there was the time that, in order to be frugal, (never mind the money spent on chiropractor's later) my husband and I found our own landscaping rock at a construction site. Convinced we had to have it, we pushed, scooted and inched it toward the car, and somehow, by some miracle, with super human strength we didn't know we possessed, hoisted it into the car. As we drove home, the car rode low in the rear like a hot rod cruising its turf. Often intriguing and picturesque, sometimes comedic, these rocks despite their strength and majesty are not those which significantly influenced my life. Very few have attained that status. My parents, my husband, my family and special friends are the foundation rocks which have shaped my life. So steadfast and constant, so loving and unselfish have they been that it is impossible to imagine how vastly different my life would have been without them. But as I write these traits, I realize that there exists a rock uber alles, the Rock of Ages upon which all others are built - the solid, unshakeable foundation that undergirds us all. This Rock of God's love - omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent - is the source of the earthly pillars who have molded and stood by me. Wanda Lane lives in Sun City Hilton Head