Advances in dentistry make seniors smile

When Arlene Holbert heard a neighbor and fellow bridge player praise the change in her husband following full-mouth reconstructive dentistry last year, her ears perked up.

Holbert, a widow who moved to Sun City 11 years ago from New Jersey, was missing teeth on both sides of her mouth and had six old crowns on her upper front teeth. In recent years, a post inserted to hold a crown had cracked the root of one tooth. Despite regular exams and cleanings, Holbert had gaps between some teeth, gum disease, and broken teeth.

She made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Brad Durham of Savannah, who combines restorative and cosmetic procedures. He’s part of a new movement in dentistry that combines many techniques to get desired results. Seniors especially have benefited from recent advances in dentistry.

“We can optimize the aesthetics and function of the teeth at the same time,â€