Sandalwood Community Food Pantry thankful for gift from Westin

Sandalwood Community Food Pantry's board and clients thank The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa for its gift of $8,525 raised during the fourth annual Celebration of Trees.

The Westin's commitment and contribution to our work allows us to do what we can to make certain that no one on Hilton Head Island ever has to go to bed hungry, especially a child, because hunger hurts.

Its support these past two years also plays a key role in making certain that our healthy food choice program continues to provide not only education and an abundance of fresh whole foods, but also to allow our clients to make their own choices.

Our program ensures that those with special dietary needs, such as diabetes, are not receiving food that cannot be consumed and prevents the distributing highly perishable foods to households without functional stoves or refrigerators and to the homeless.

The Westin's compassion and generosity in this New Year will allow us to keep our doors open and continue to nourish the bodies, minds and spirits of all who hunger. There is no way to fully express our gratitude but to hold you in our hearts as a friend of the pantry, as we gather in our weekly circle of thanks and praise for what we are about to receive and silently give thanks to you as yet one more answer to our prayers.

The Rev. Nannette PiersonSandalwood Community Food PantyHilton Head Island