Island Recreation Association grateful to CH2 magazine

On behalf of the Island Recreation Association, I would like to thank Maggie Washo, Kelly Stroud the staff of CH2 magazine and all of the bachelorettes for their generous contribution.

The record amount of money they raised during their "Bachelorette of the Year" competition goes to our children's scholarship fund, which helps families in need.

The Island Recreation Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life for area residents by producing, providing and coordinating public recreation programs, wellness activities and community events. Through our programs and athletics, we have seen many happy and healthy children thrive in a safe environment. CH2 has helped ensure that no one is denied participation in any of our worthwhile activities.

The goal of the association is to make a difference in our community. With the help of donations from supporters, such as CH2, we will continue to see improvements of children building self-esteem, learning teamwork skills, creating a sense of belonging and of course, a healthier lifestyle.

Bubba Gillisboard presidentIsland Recreation AssociationHilton Head Island