Contentious Lady's Island school bus stop source of concern

A middle school bus stop on Lady's Island has at least one resident concerned about students' safety. The stop, at the intersection of Colony Garden Road and Brickyard Landing, causes children to congregate in the street between 6:50 and 7 a.m. It's at a tricky location in the road, and it's easy to see how anything -- a distracted driver, someone in a hurry, or the students just not paying attention -- could result in a potentially tragic accident. One resident said she's asked that the stop be moved for four years. It wasn't a stop initially this school year, but it's come back recently. But this is not supposed to be a bus stop at all. The district moved it, and, upon learning some kids are still waiting for the bus there, sent a letter to parents telling them that students who do not await the bus at the safer location will not be allowed to board.