Deep Well Project offers thanks to Long Cove Club

The Deep Well Project expresses deep thanks and appreciation to the Long Cove Club Community Endowment Fund for its generous grant.

Deep Well will use this donation for our Needy Children's Fund, which provides basic necessities for island children. In particular, these funds will go toward paying for the uniforms given to more than 600 children at the start of the school year.

Many islanders would be surprised to learn that 50 percent of our elementary school children qualify for the free and reduced-price lunch program. There is no question of these parents being able to afford the extra expense of buying the mandated uniforms for their children. Deep Well feels that every child should go off to the first day of school with the proper clothes and supplies, filled with the self-confidence that leads to success.

The Long Cove Club Community Endowment Fund has been a great friend to Deep Well over the years. Its continued support makes it possible for Deep Well to be a safety net for our neighbors in need on our island. On behalf of the Deep Well board, staff and our volunteers, I send my great thanks to all at Long Cove who made this grant possible.

Betsy Doughtiedirector The Deep Well ProjectHilton Head Island