Groups grateful for Lady's Island-St. Helena Fire District

On behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Beaufort and The Little Red Dog Foundation, I would like to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to the men and women of the Lady's Island-St. Helena Fire District (especially those at the Sam's Point Station).

In recent years I have had the distinct pleasure to be involved with the foundation and its quest to supply customized bicycles to those with physical abilities that preclude them from riding a traditional bike. This noble cause requires space and people to assemble each bike, and from the beginning the firefighters and staff at the fire district have opened their station and offered their own blood, sweat and tears to not only assist us with putting the bikes together, but in presenting them as well.

Having been turned away from other locations (including other fire stations) we are forever grateful to these great people who have welcomed us with open arms and never failed to support us. As a resident of Lady's Island, I take great pride and comfort in knowing that we have such an amazing bunch of men and women who truly embody our community spirit and can be counted on for almost anything. Thank you all so very much.

Chuck RettigLady's Island