Service promises faster emergency room visits

Hilton Head Hospital and Coastal Carolina Hospital recently began offering InQuickER, an emergency room service that allows consumers to complete an online form and hold a place at the emergency room. Cost is $9.99. Patients using InQuickER should be seen by a health professional in the emergency room within 15 minutes or the fee will be refunded. InQuickER is for individuals who have non-life threatening medical conditions. If the projected treatment time changes due to an influx of patients requiring priority treatment, the user will be notified and given an alternate time or a refund. Also, Coastal Carolina Hospital recently introduced a way for patients to find out emergency room wait times by going to www.coastalhospital.com and checking the average door-to-bed wait time. Door-to-bed wait time is the average time a patient waits to be escorted to a bed from the time they arrive in the ER.

Details: www.hiltonheadregional.com, www.coastalhospital.com