Buck Island Road residents can apply for free water, sewer connections until Friday

Qualifying low-to-moderate income Buck Island Road residents have until Friday to apply for a free connection to sewer and water lines.

To qualify, residents must make $53,100 or less for a household of four people. Additionally, landlords must sign off on the installations.

The one-page Local Income Survey form for homeowners and Landlord Agreement form for renters are available through Bluffton town engineer James Ayers at 706-4558 or by emailing jayers@townofbluffton.com..

So far, 32 households have applied for the free connections.

But despite home visits and phone calls by neighbors and officials, people living in more than a dozen homes in the area have yet to apply. There are also two dozen more in which the landlord hasn't signed the installation form, according to surveys by the Lowcountry Council of Governments

Those who don't apply will be responsible for $2,760 in fees for the sewer connection and $1,200 for water, Ayers said in an e-mail.

The new sewer lines run along Buck Island Road from Bluffton Middle School to Bluffton Parkway.

The water and sewer work is part of a $1.8-million project funded in part by a federal grant. The paperwork is required by the grant.

The work will upgrade service for homes that currently rely on septic tanks and private wells.

Ayers said the installation work for both lines takes less than a day.