Local bridge clubs announce winners

CALLAWASSIE ISLAND BRIDGE CLUBWinners at the Callawassie Island Bridge Club on Jan. 3 were: Steven Fells and Lesley Fells. Winners Jan. 7 were: N/S, Candace Bundy and Coco Morris; E/W, Lesley Fells and Alice Reid.

Details: Steven Fells, 843-987-3333

DOLPHIN HEAD GOLF CLUBWinners at the First Friday Bridge on Jan. 7 were: first, Ginny Carzoli; second, Joanne Van Roden; third, Pat Eden.

Details: 843-681-5550, ext. 222

BEAUFORT DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUBWinners at the Beaufort Duplicate Bridge Club on Jan. 11 were: 10 tables, N/S, first, Rosalind Cochran and Dinksie Dobbratz; second, Judy Bergin and Mary Lou Dalziel; third, Paul Cuffe and Gene Ogden; fourth, Bev Spahr and Bill Rathert; E/W, first, Lillian Collings and Doreen Mendenhall; second, Jack and Martha Borcherding; third, Don and Nancy Bowers; fourth, Becky Trask and Andrea Coulter.

Details: 843-838-9920, 843-838-9780

HILTON HEAD ISLAND BRIDGE CLUBWinners at the Hilton Head Island Bridge Club on Jan. 3 were: Becky and Walt Cedarholm; Tom and Linda Croker; Virginia and Jim Wigginton; Stan Xenakis and Rudi Mueller. Winners Jan. 4 were: N/S, Lynn and Robert Burt; Thea Heimlich and Sandra Rosenberg; Phyllis Westerman and Reid Eikner; E/W, Joy and Gerald Guyer; Marilyn McLean and Dixie Kapitula; Carol Given and Jan Waller. Winners Jan. 5 were: N/S, John and Sandy Kenny; Julie Schoenberger and Lois LaChapelle; Cathy Nairne and Marge Proudman; E/W, John James and Ken Louis; Irma Tenkate; Mary Lou Carroll and Nancy Keese. Winners Jan. 6 were: N/S, Martin Bloom and Beau Patterson; Bonnie Haroff and Sondra Burson; Fran Sullivan and Lillian Romano; E/W, Max Hamilyn and John Stern; Marie James and Barbara Louis; Marilyn McLean and Dixie Kapitula.

Details: www.bridgewebs.com/hiltonheadisland