One dog captured, but search continues for strays roaming Sun City

Animal control officers tranquilized and captured an aggressive, stray pit bull Thursday in Sun City Hilton Head and were looking for another stray described as a pit-bull mix, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

Officers were still searching in the Stratford Village Way area on Thursday afternoon, Sgt. Robin McIntosh said.

One of the dogs charged animal control officers Wednesday morning, she said. Officers suggest Sun City residents use caution when going outdoors.

Animal control captured another pit-bull mix in the neighborhood about three weeks ago. No one in the community has reported being attacked by the dogs, but residents have made numerous complaints about several aggressive strays roaming the area, McIntosh said.

Residents might see officers with tranquilizer guns, which resemble rifles, she added.

The tranquilizers take a few minutes to stop an animal, and the dogs are still able to run some distance before going down, McIntosh said. Officers need to be fairly close to a tranquilized animal and move quickly to catch it, she said.

-- Cassie Foss