Is the IRS trying to give you money? It might be

It's not a hoax: The U.S. government wants to give some local residents cash. Well, give them their own cash back.

This year, the IRS has more than $5 million in undeliverable refunds for the 2009 tax year for residents of South Carolina and North Carolina because of address errors, and 74 of them are in Beaufort and Jasper counties.

To receive their checks, residents must update their addresses online at IRS.gov under the heading, "Where's My Refund?" or call 1-800-829-1954.

Taxpayers will need to provide their Social Security numbers, filing status and the amount of their refund from the previous year, according to an IRS news release. The online tool will provide the status of the refund and, in some cases, instructions on how to resolve delivery problems.

The easiest way to ensure a check gets delivered in the future is to choose direct deposit when filing a return, the release says. The IRS deposits refunds into your personal checking or savings accounts, a service available for both paper and electronic returns.

The average refund increased by nearly 28 percent this year from $1,148 to $1,471, according to the release. The IRS attributes the increase to recent tax law changes that included new and expanded credits.

Some taxpayers are due more than one check.



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