Local bridge clubs announce winners

Hilton Head Bridge Club

Winners at the Hilton Head Bridge Club on Oct. 12 were: N/S, Barbara Rosen and Trisha Hughes; Anthea and Alan Grogano; E/W, Sandra Tate and Joyce Stroner; Marilyn Eddy and Lucy Marshall; Doug Smith and Denise Hurd. Winners Oct. 14 were: N/S, Mary Jo and Jerry Walker; Edith and John Rea; Linda Clark and Sandy Dew; E/W, Becky and Walt Cederhollm; Beau Patterson and Martin Bloom.

Details: www.bridgewebs.com/hiltonheadisland

Women's Association of Hilton Head Island

Winners at the Women's Association of Hilton Head Island on Oct. 19 were: first, Kathy Pietsch; second Karla Collins; third, Linda Stern; fourth, Louise Sternheim.

Details: Ramona Terranova, 843-363-6444

Beaufort Duplicate Bridge Club

Winners at the Beaufort Duplicate Bridge Club on Oct. 19 were: 6 1/2 tables, N/S, first, Joan Simon and Mel Volmert; second, Mary Stag and Marcia Meyer; third, Dinksy Dobbratz and Rosalyn Cockran; E/W, first, Mary Lou Dalziel and Judy Bergin; second, Joan King and Hedy Williams; third, Trudy and Ed Stevens.

Details: 843-838-9920, 843-838-9780

Dataw Island Bridge Club

Winners at the Dataw Island Bridge Club on Oct. 20 were: seven tables, N/S, first, Marcia Meyer and Mary Stag; second, Joan Simon and Dick Briggs; third, Janet and Al Baker; E/W, first, Martha Tucker and Sally Timms; second, Vivian Boyle and Joan Dahl; third, Robbie Foote and Gayle Kirincic.

Details: 843-838-7820, albaker@islc.net