Siblings share arrest and sentencing dates, but for different crimes

Being sentenced on the same day for unrelated crimes was no coincidence for a pair of siblings, but getting arrested on the same day at their home in Burton was.

Carla Griffin, 31, and Kevin Griffin, 37, were sentenced Thursday in the Beaufort County Courthouse in separate proceedings.

She was found guilty of child neglect for giving an alcoholic drink to her 3-year-old son that sent him to the hospital.

He pleaded guilty to a series of four burglaries, according to a news release from the 14th Judicial Circuit Solicitor's Office.

She got three years in prison, plus three years of probation.

He ended up with nine years behind bars.

On March 11, Beaufort County sheriff's deputies were on their way to the Griffin siblings' home on Shanklin Road to execute a search warrant for the child-neglect charge.

About the same time, other officers and police dogs were chasing her brother after a high school student caught him breaking into her home on Roseida Road. When seen by the girl, Griffin reached into his pocket to make it appear he had a gun, the release said.

He ran home, but found no safe haven.

Officers were already there with the search warrant, and the sheriff's K-9 Tracking Team was close behind, according to the release. They found stolen jewelry and solved four area burglaries between Dec. 22 and March 11, the release said.

While her brother was being cuffed for burglary, Carla Griffin was being arrested in connection with an incident March 2 in which she gave her son an alcoholic beverage, called the Incredible Hulk, along with cold medicine, according to Solicitor's Office spokesman Daniel Brownstein.

Griffin admitted drinking was going on and that she gave her son cold medicine, but said he must have picked up the drink -- a mix of blue Hpnotiq liqueur and cognac, which creates a green concoction -- while she wasn't looking, Brownstein said.

A witness, however, said Griffin gave the child the medicine and then a cup of the drink, according to Brownstein. The mixture of medicine and the alcohol caused the child to have difficulty breathing, and he was rushed to the hospital. He had a blood-alcohol level of .006, Brownstein said.

Jurors deliberated for about 45 minutes Thursday after the daylong trial before finding her guilty, the release said. The child is now living with his grandmother, along with four other siblings, Brownstein said.

Later Thursday, Kevin Griffin pleaded guilty to burglary charges before Judge Brooks Goldsmith.

Along with the March 11 burglary at Roseida Road, he pleaded guilty to the following burglaries in the Burton area, according to the release:

  • Between Dec. 22 and 29: A Marine Corps sword and various tools were stolen from a home on Marguerita Court. Fingerprints found at the scene belonged to Griffin.
  • Around Dec. 31: DVD player was stolen from a home on Shanklin Road. A DVD player matching the serial number was found in Griffin's home March 11.
  • March 10: Two flat-screen televisions, jewelry and a small amount of cash were stolen from a home on Westgate Circle. Deputies recovered the two TVs along railroad tracks between that house and Griffin's house. The jewelry was found in Griffin's possession the day he was arrested.
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