Treasurer Joy Logan requests from administrator Gary Kubic every e-mail or letter that mentions her

Embattled Beaufort County Treasurer Joy Logan wants to know what County Administrator Gary Kubic has been saying about her, as well as about two ongoing Beaufort County Sheriff's Office investigations of her department.

Kevin Hall, a Columbia attorney hired by Logan last month and paid $20,000 from a public fund to represent the Treasurer's Office, sent a four-page Freedom of Information Act request to county officials May 24 seeking copies of all written and electronic correspondence about Logan's office between Kubic and Beaufort County Council members, county staffers,he media and 10 other parties.

Hall also is seeking Kubic's personnel file, his property tax records and all documents related to ongoing or completed audits of the Treasurer's Office, according to the FOIA request.

Logan said she is not sure what the documents will reveal and does not plan legal action against Kubic or other county officials.

Since the May 12 arrest of former Treasurer's Office employee Casaundra White for allegedly stealing $210,000 from public accounts, Kubic has called for Logan's resignation several times.

Logan has said she will not give up the post she has held for 19 years.

In his request to county officials, Hall accused Kubic of engaging "in a concerted effort to undermine the treasurer ...(and) in inappropriate personal and political attacks against the treasurer and that office."

Kubic referred questions to county staff attorney Ladson Howell, who said Hall would be provided the information by Tuesday. The information will be provided at no cost, he added, because the exchange would be made between county offices.

Logan said she hired Hall instead of relying on Howell because Howell could not represent her interests and the county's simultaneously in the matter.

"It's me against the county in this matter," Logan said. "He could have not have represented both sides."

Howell declined to comment.

Hall was paid a one-time, flat fee from a Treasurer's Office account created to pay the department's legal fees, which Logan said is not an improper use of public funds.

"It's no different than the county using appropriations in its budget to investigate me and my office," Logan said. "They've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on audits of my department. That's a lot of money."

After it was revealed that Logan failed to report White for stealing $600 in 2007, Kubic and 14th Solicitor Duffie Stone ordered a forensic audit of the Treasurer's Office by four accountants from the Atlanta office of KPMG. That review, at a cost of $250,000, has been completed and turned over to Stone. Its findings have not been made public.

Hall said there is nothing illegal or unethical about Logan hiring an attorney to represent her elected office.

"It's absolutely appropriate and the treasurer's responsibility to do whatever necessary to get to the bottom of an alleged embezzlement of public funds," Hall said. "In the treasurer's situation, independent counsel has been hired to do exactly that."

Hall also was hired by Gov. Mark Sanford last year to represent him during impeachment proceedings and a S.C. Ethics Commission investigation into his use of private planes owned by friends and campaign donors.