Burton man faces new assault with intent to kill charges

BURTON -- A 25-year-old Burton man faces three counts of assault with intent to kill after police say he shot into a car Monday night. Travis Sentell Holmes was arrested Wednesday, his second arrest on such charges in a year.

The Sheriff's Office said Holmes fired into an automobile carrying three people while driving near the intersection of Castle Rock Road and Beeburst Lane. Holmes is in the Beaufort County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing.

Three people were traveling to a nearby gas station to get cigarettes when they noticed a car tailgating them, said Cpl. Robin McIntosh, Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

The car's driver said that when he got to the store, Holmes followed him inside and "stood very close to him in line," as if trying to start a confrontation, McIntosh said.

The driver and two passengers told the Sheriff's Office that after the driver and Holmes exited the store, Holmes opened his trunk, took out a handgun and got into his car. Holmes followed them down Beeburst before stopping in the middle of the street and shooting at the car, firing seven to 10 rounds, according to the Sheriff's Office. No injuries were reported.

McIntosh said Monday's shooting was related to a drive-by on Beeburst Lane last summer.

Holmes is one of three men accused of spraying a home with bullets July 5 in retaliation for the shooting of a relative, Kevin Holmes, at the Studio Seven nightclub earlier that night. Travis Homes was wounded in that shooting when those inside the home fired back, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Holmes also was involved in an afternoon shoot-out on U.S. 21 in Burton on July 26. He told Beaufort County Sheriff's deputies he and a cousin were driving near U.S. 21 and Garrett Smalls Road when a white Toyota Tundra pulled up alongside them and a someone opened fire on them with a rifle stuck out the passenger-side window.

The driver of the truck, Paul Jeremiah Smalls, was arrested and charged as an accessory before the fact to a felony. The shooter in that case is unknown.

Holmes was arrested July 31 and released Aug. 3 from the Beaufort County Detention Center on $40,000 bond.