Company sends troops free magazines

BEAUFORT -- A Tennessee-based company hopes Beaufort County residents will help give troops abroad a monthly taste of home this Veterans Day.

Subscriptions for Soldiers, a nonprofit program started in April by Magazines.com, seeks to support the nation's troops stationed overseas by giving them free magazine subscriptions, said Kitty Pedigo, program spokeswoman and former Navy hospital corpsman.

"What we've heard most from the soldiers that we've helped with this program is that magazines are a really simple form of stress relief," Pedigo said. "When they get that magazine every month, it's really a chance for them to relax and take a break from what they're experiencing over there."

Service members can request up to three magazine titles each year from a list of 30 publications. The subscriptions are paid for with $10 donations received from corporations, relatives and individuals.

"We may think it's a small thing, but to the troops it's huge," Pedigo said. "These are people who don't have the luxury of going to Wal-Mart or a bookstore to get the latest copy of their favorite magazine."

When the program was launched this spring, Pedigo said, the company had more than 11,000 requests. Subscriptions for Soldiers has more than 6,000 requests waiting to be filled.