What to give your geek this holiday

So it's Dec. 19, and you just realized you still need to get a gift for that special geek in your life. Speaking as the biggest geek I know, I'm here to help. Also, if my very beautiful wife is reading this ... it's not too late to pick up some of these, honey! I love you!

Anyway, while we geeks have many things in common, much like snowflakes, no two of us are alike. I'll attempt to narrow down the perfect gift for the geeks that I know the best. (For simplicity's sake all of these items can be found on Prices are subject to change.)


Yes, it's probably too late to find that Xbox 360 Kinect sensor, but the gamer in your life would still love to open up some new titles on Christmas morning. Just make sure you know which console he or she has -- there's nothing worse than seeing an Xbox logo when you only have a PlayStation 3.

Older gamer: "Red Dead Redemption" ($59.99, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360)

Younger gamer: "Donkey Kong Country Returns" ($49.99, Wii)

Sports gamer: "NBA Jam" ($49.95, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Wii)

Not sure what he has or wants? Go with a gift certificate -- it's a great service that is essentially the Netflix of video games.


You can never have too much storage, and thankfully it's absurdly cheap these days. Pick up a new 2 terabyte hard drive for your geek and then listen to him tell you all about his backup strategy.

External: Western Digital WD Elements 2TB ($109.99)

Internal: Seagate Barracuda LP 2 TB 5900 RPM SATA ($89.79)


Sure, he probably already has a digital camera and a video camera, but why carry two devices when you don't have to? Slip the Nikon Coolpix S8100 ($299) in his stocking -- in addition to having many impressive-sounding features and taking great stills, it also records full 1080p HD video and has a mini HDMI out port so it can be connected directly to your TV.

If you really don't like your Camera Geek that much but still have to get him something, go for a Transcend 16GB SDHC memory card ($25).


If your geek is serious about movies, he's most likely already made the move to Blu-ray. But if he's still on the fence, consider the LG BD570 Network Blu-ray Disc Player ($150). It has lots of bells and whistles including Netflix, VUDU and YouTube baked in.

Assuming he already has his killer home theater all set up, pick up the newly released 25th Anniversary "Back to the Future" Trilogy on Blu-ray ($38.99) and then impress your film geek by asking ,"But wait, if Doc Brown takes Marty and Jennifer out of 1985 to show them their future, then how do they still exist in 2015?"


As the self-proclaimed biggest Apple Geek in the world, I know what I would want someone to get me (cough ... MacBook Air ... cough) but I also know my relatives aren't made of money. If he's been very good this year, consider getting your geek the new iPod Nano ($149.99). It's tiny but still packs the touch screen, so your geek will find some way to use it even if he or she already has a different iPod. If that's not in the budget, iTunes gift cards are always welcome.


Replace your geek's old GPS with something that actually knows where you are when driving down Bluffton Parkway. The new TomTom GO 2405TM ($279.95) comes with such perks as a multi-touch glass screen, lifetime traffic and map updates, as well as the easiest GPS windshield mount I've ever used. Bonus for the Star Wars Geek in your life: download the voices of Darth Vader, Yoda, C-3PO and Han Solo from the TomTom website.

Or you could just forget all this and get them an Amazon gift card. Happy holidays!

Morgan Bonner is Pre-Press Manager and a systems administrator for the Packet and Gazette.