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Hilton Head Realtors promote the Lowcountry

The Hilton Head AreaAssociation of Realtorshas been taking alook at how Realtors help theLowcountry prosper and grow.Recently, we conducted anonline survey of our Realtormembers, with 24 percent responding.

These Realtors' responseshave provided substantial inputabout how the real estateindustry complements thecommunity.

Some of the survey's highlightsare:48 percent of respondentshave 500 to 2000 people intheir databases.

62 percent of these contactslive outside Beaufort County

87 percent of respondentspromote area events to theirprospects, customers, clientsand past clients.

58 percent of respondentsmarket themselves outsideof Beaufort County, focusingprimarily on northeast andmidatlantic states.

64 percent of respondentsvolunteer for local charities.

The largest percent of our respondentshave been in the realestate business 5 to 10 years;13 percent have been Realtorsfor more than 25 years.

Internet marketing is thedominant way local Realtorspromote themselves, theirlistings and the community.Websites and Facebook werethe most popular Internettools used to conduct business.Realtors promote area eventsthrough their websites and emails.But personal phone callscontinue to be important, with43 percent of the Realtors whotook our survey calling contactsin their database aboutupcoming area events.

Realtors sell more thanhomes - they sell the livabilityand viability of the community.Seventy percent of surveyrespondents spend one to fivehours a month working formore than 50 local nonprofitsincluding Zonta and Rotaryclubs and in their churches.Many Realtors indicated theyvolunteer in local schools, and27 percent of respondents holdleadership positions on theboards of nonprofit organizations.

THE BUYERMost of the Realtors surveyedsaid that more than 60percent of their past clientsvacationed in the area beforepurchasing property. We knowthat potential buyers are researchingvarious areas on theEast Coast as they considerbuying a vacation home orrelocating their primary residence,and most begin theirsearch on the Internet. Realtorsreceive many questionsabout our area, ranging frominquiries about the best localeateries to searching probesinto the quality of life.

Although we had some technicaldifficulties on this question,we were able to ascertainthat overwhelmingly, qualityof local hospitals and medicalfacilities are at the forefrontof potential buyers' minds,followed by quality of schools,safety, and the future andstability of the Lowcountry'smunicipalities.

Through this survey, weconcluded that Realtors mattergreatly in our diversecommunity, serving businesspeople, retirees, secondhome owners and investors.Realtors are ambassadors forthe area locally, nationally,and worldwide, promotingthe quality of life and themany lifestyles offered inLowcountry.

If you are looking to buyor sell real estate, ask if youragent is a Realtor and a memberof the Hilton Head AreaAssociation of Realtors.

Jean Beck is the executive vicepresident of the Hilton Head AreaAssociation of Realtors.