Can you guess what the most enterprise-friendly ‘city’ in South Carolina is?

Palmetto Promise Institute, an independent South Carolina-based nonprofit research organization, announced the most enterprise-friendly cities in the state Monday.

Topping the list is Bluffton. Buoyed by what PPI calls an impressive population growth, healthy job growth and a low business tax burden, Bluffton scored a total of 81.07 points out of a possible 100 points.

Hilton Head Island was listed at seventh with a score of 68.60.

To determine the strength of a city’s enterprise friendliness, PPI used a formula, which measured and scored four major categories: economic vitality, business tax burden, community allure and transportation infrastructure.

Co-authored by John Hill of American Indicators, and Oran Smith of PPI, the report compiles data in the aforementioned categories and ranks cities based on that data.

Numerous reports have been produced throughout the years comparing states to one another in terms of attractiveness to business. However, no such comparisons exist among cities within South Carolina, according to PPI’s news release.