Potential new tenant in Shelter Cove Towne Center is fab, trust me

Shelter Cove Towne Center on Hilton Head Island plans to build more stores, and one of them might be a fab’rik.

Site plans submitted to the Town of Hilton Head Island include a 2,100-square-foot building for a fab’rik store next to Jane Bistro.

The manager of Shelter Cove, Roni Allbritton, said fab’rik has yet to sign a lease with the shopping complex, but that two other stores, Talbots and Spartina 449, have for nearby buildings. The site plans also include space for two additional tenants in the lot.

Tommy Saul, an agent with the developer Southeastern, said the developer would like to have the stores open by the second quarter of 2017, if all goes well.

The town’s Design Review Board will review the project at its next meeting Sept. 27, according to the board’s agenda.

For those of you who have never experienced a fab’rik (I say “experienced” because shopping there is truly a venture outside the normal realm of shopping), get ready to jump the gun and join me in an excited exclamation of “fab’Eeeek!”

There was a fab’rik store in the shopping avenues near my childhood home, and it was the first store I ever walked into and discovered that serving champagne to customers while they shopped was actually a thing.

It was the store I bought my first slip dress for my brother’s high school graduation a little more than a year ago. And it is also the store where I regretfully tried on a pair of black faux-leather shorts. Some 1990s trends are better off in the ’90s.

The store is a native of Atlanta, like myself, and having it here would be like bringing a piece of home back with me; the nearest fab’rik is in Savannah, much too far away for comfort. Hopefully, I won’t have to keep repeating that sad part of my morning when I delete emails about coupons and sales at the store.

Madison Hogan: 843-706-8137, @MadisonHogan