WTOC VIDEO: Yemassee residents wonder when post office will reopen

After five months, the Yemassee post office is still closed for inspection and folks are upset.

The door has been locked since Dec. 22 because of mold.

The mayor and residents say they understand why the office had to closed, but they want to know why it's taking five months to handle the issue.

"This is a huge inconvenience. You never know what you got until you don't have it," said Mayor J.L. Goodwin.

Right now, folks who use this post office have to go to the Earlybranch office, which is 12 miles away. Goodwin said it sounds like an easier task than it actually is.

"We've got a lot of elderly folks here that really don't have any transportation, and it's not that simple for them to go and get their mail all the way up at Earlybranch," he said.

For business owner Wayne Ezell, the post office is vital. He uses it everyday, so that 12-mile ride is slowly hurting his business.

"We'll you have to look at it the way I do. I drive a diesel, it gets 8 miles to a gallon. It's a huge cost factor for me," said Ezell.

Mayor Goodwin has been making calls and sending emails to almost every South Carolina law maker and officials at the U.S. Post Office headquarters in Florida, but he has not received any answers.

"I keep getting they're inspecting it," said Goodwin.

An official at the U.S. Post Office in Florida said crews have been out at the post office cleaning it since it closed in December. He couldn't give specifics as to how much mold was found or what they were doing to clean it.

He said the office will remain closed until a final inspection is done, but he didn't know when that would be.

So for now, folks will still have to drive the 12 miles to Earlybranch if they need to use the post office.

The Yemassee post office will reopen, but no one seems to know when.