Experience Hilton Head

Enjoy an island adventure on two wheels

Hilton Head has more than 100 miles of paths for runners, walkers, skaters and bikers. Many of these paths recently were renovated and improved. The island scores well when it comes to connectivity, road crossings for bicyclists, path maintenance and bike rentals. About 20,000 bikes on the island are for rent, and kiosks throughout the path system contain bike-safety material and maps.

Bicycling is popular on Hilton Head with both vacationers and residents because the island has many bicycle rental companies with competitive rates. 

Many visitors rent “beach bikes” (no gears, coaster brakes) by the day or by the week. Bike shops also rent bikes with children’s seats or trailers, bikes with training wheels and tandem bikes. The companies have helmets and locks, and customers are urged to use them. If you’re going to bring your own bike to the beach this summer, remember that riding on the beach can rust the bike gears.

At low tide, it’s fun to bike on the beach near the water line, where the sand is hard packed. If the wind is blowing, you can head inland to find a bike path when it’s time to turn around and ride back. Bike shops ask customers not to take the bikes into the salt water. The beach also is a great place for kids to learn to ride a bike. 


Do I need to wear a helmet? South Carolina law does not require helmets to be worn.

Do I need to lock my bike? Bikes should be locked at all times when they are not being ridden. Some bike rental companies will charge for stolen bikes. 

How do I navigate traffic? Remember to ride with the flow of traffic while on roads that do not have bike paths.  When riding on paths, watch for pedestrians and signal them of your presence. Obey all traffic signals and signs. Cars have the right of way at all intersections and crosswalks.