In Good Faith: 'Music reaches every person'

Amanda Brewer of Beaufort is worship leader at The Link.
Amanda Brewer of Beaufort is worship leader at The Link. Submitted photo

Name: Amanda Brewer

Congregation: The Link

Town: Beaufort

Member for: Five years

Activity: Worship leader

Presenting something new. I grew up the daughter of a choir director. My father is a Southern gospel singer. I grew up in pews and traditional church. In college I experienced contemporary worship for the first time, and it really connected to me, personally, because it's always changing; it's always new. And I think that's what worship is, that we're not supposed to be bringing tired and worn things to God. We're supposed to be always presenting and having a new song on our lips to praise God. I love that it's always evolving, the music is always changing; it's always new. It's always in-step with our faith walk.

Face-to-face. When I started going to The Link, I immediately became involved with the worship team. In January, I left my job working at Beaufort County Library to work full-time as the worship leader. We try and incorporate all sorts of musical elements so that each Sunday service is fresh and new and vibrant. But we really just try and use music to bring people to a face-to-face encounter with God and worshipping him.

Every person. The Link gives me a chance to musically participate. Here, we have that ability to take something and make it our own, to change it and to not be stuck in a particular pattern of doing things all the same way all the time. Music reaches every person. The reason we have so many different churches and worship styles and forms of music in church is because different styles appeal to different people.

Heart of the musician. I believe that instruments like an electric guitar and drums can be used for God's glory, as long as it's not for show or performance's sake or for glorification of the self. It all has to do with the heart of the musician, and if your heart is in the right place and you're seeking to glorify God, everything else will fall into place.

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