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From The Beacon: This summer, travel the world one book at a time

As May begins, a lot of young readers already are anticipating the end of the school year and the beginning of their great summer vacation. For many it will be a time for travel and adventures. For some though, travel and adventure will have to be found in books. Here are a few suggestions for literary journeys.


By Bill Mayer

This picture book connects each letter of the alphabet with some aspect of travel. An atmosphere of adventure is created by the beautiful art deco illustrations. This is a great way to start on your travels.


By Lindsay Barrett George

Miss Lewis' class is traveling the world this year. Actually, it's staying in the classroom but seeing the world through Miss Lewis' travel dispatches. She emphasizes the wildlife of the areas she travels to is heightened by George's illustrations. Besides such "aww" moments as a mother panda and her baby, George supplements Miss Lewis' adventures with drawings that show things like the workings of the locks in the Panama Canal.


By Kelly DiPucchio with illustrations by Richard Egielski

In this fantastical picture book, the Statue of Liberty decides to come down from her pedestal and see the country for which she carries the beacon. Her journey takes her through the country until she reaches the other coast. Once there, she receives the news that she is greatly missed back in New York. Like the traveler in another children's story, she discovers that there is truly "no place like home."


By Holly Hobbie

Traveling is always better with a friend. So Puddle discovers when he goes in search of Toot. Since Toot and Puddle are best friends, Puddle knows just where to find Toot. Once they're reunited, the pair is off to a grand adventure at ... the top of the world, of course!

Scott Strawn is the Youth Services manager for the Hilton Head Branch of the Beaufort County Public Library, at 11 Beach City Road.