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From The Beacon: Haunted hunt leads to library

My name is Wilbur and I'm quite unique, you see.

I'm the ghost who knows the library is the place to be.

I spend most of my time in the branch on the island of Hilton Head,

Where I study the many resources long after you are at home, asleep, in bed.

On nights of the full moon I might borrow the library van,

To visit other branches to see what they have on hand.

One night in October of two thousand and ten,

I felt a strong urge to pick up a columnist's pen.

I found what was a "Beacon" submission so boring, so drab,

And I knew, for Halloween, it had to be better -- so I took a stab.

So here it is for you to read, the tasty fruits of my labor,

A trick-or-treat library-scavenger-hunt-quiz for you to savor.

It has questions to satisfy both young and old,

And the library staff will help you find answers quiet and bold.

So come on into your local library branch,

You can solve the challenge! (If you give our resources a glance.)

Some of the popular items may be checked out and not on the shelf,

But still figuring out what they are will be good for your intellectual health.

Once you solve the puzzles, come into a branch, fill out and submit an answer sheet.

Because next week there will be a drawing and a lucky few will win a special treat.


For the kids, your challenge is simple,

Just give a title that best fits the riddle.

1. This compilation of ghost stories will have you on your knees. These are the favorite tales of the author who wrote "The BFG."

2. When Michael Rex wrote this parody of "Goodnight Moon," he may have not thought about whether bedtime was soon.

3. To trick or treat our senses must be Keene. The hoax in this book won't fool children's literature's reigning detective queen.

4. So far you've only had to hunt for books. This 1995 movie that pairs my dear young friend with Christina Ricci is worth a look.

5. The library can help bring factual knowledge to spooky mystery. Now find an article on Halloween history. (Hint: use the reference databases.)


For adults and teens, the task may not be as easy.

Name a title, author or library resource if you want to please me.

1. I like this author's multitude of works at this time of year the most. Although I'm sad to say I wasn't mentioned in "South Carolina Ghosts."

2. If you know how to use the catalog, it's as if you can pull the answer to the question above right out of a hat. But to find the author's biography, what library resource would you use for that?

3. The biographical resources the library offers are such a blast, now tell me what the library offers to help customers dig into families' pasts.

4. If you look in Beaufort County a copy of this 1971 classic just isn't there, to find Blatty's thrill you need to understand the SC Lends concept of "everywhere."

5. This vampire series with a male lead rivals that of "Twilight." In the first book we learn the eighth grade can really bite.

Next week you will find the answers listed right here, so tune in next time for some of the library's Halloween cheer!

Wilbur is the library ghost for the Beaufort County Public Library System. His whereabouts are never really known.