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Chef Richard Wilson of Maggie's Pub: 'Save your leftovers'

Richard Wilson is the executive chef at Maggie's Pub in Habersham.
Richard Wilson is the executive chef at Maggie's Pub in Habersham. Submitted photo

Chef: Richard Wilson

Restaurant: Maggie's Pub

Town: Habersham

What's your stance on leftovers?

I believe food should never be wasted, so save your leftovers. If you think carefully and are willing to try things you can usually re-create the leftover protein, starches and vegetables into something fun and nourishing.

What's always in your fridge?

Apples, fresh field greens, vegetables, bacon, eggs, garlic, cilantro, parsley, milk, dem- glace and chicken stock.

Could you whip up a meal for a group of surprise guests with just what is in your fridge now?

Yes, of course. Grilled vegetable skewers, fresh apple vinaigrette salad or bacon and eggs with fresh salsa verde. I usually keep a ball of pasta ready to go in my freezer. I could thaw it out in 30 minutes and make pasta with garlic and garden basil.

What is a food that everyone should try at least once?

Beef carpaccio! Carpaccio is one of most decadent, luscious, flavored-packed dishes you can eat. Rich in protein with a velvet texture. Beef carpaccio is one of the most simple and yet difficult things to create. So, why should everyone try it? Because it takes a little courage. I mean, it's basically raw beef. But when it's right it will move you, maybe even cause you to think about your food in a better way.

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