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The Perfect Complement: Beverage expert helps you pick your next sip


2008 Gloria Ferrer Chardonnay, California; $20

If you are looking for a terrific, tropical fruit-layered chardonnay, then this is your pick.

The nose of warm spice and pineapple starts the taste buds kicking or the first sip. Once it hits the mouth, the wine's magic begins.

There's a balance of acidity and fruit with prominent notes of yellow apples, ripe melon and sweet banana, all balanced with citrus zest and crisp apple notes.

The finish allows the apple notes to hold firmly with additional notes of autumn spices perfectly mingling. This wine will work well with almost any grilled item or even a rich cream dish.


Qream Peach Cream Liqueur; $35

Hip-hop star Pharrell Williams was among the creators of Qream. It's a great drink with loads of flavors. If you enjoy peaches, then this is your drink.

On the first sip, I thought of going to the farmers market and tasting those fresh ripe peaches on Saturday morning. It is perfectly balanced with the right amount of cream, peach flavor and a touch of alcohol flavor.

It's terrific for sipping as a dessert or mixed with chocolate vodka for a chocolate peach martini.