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The Perfect Complement: Beverage expert helps you pick your next sip


2008 Pennywise Pinot Noir, California; $12

This pinot -- loaded with terrific flavor and style -- starts with a nose of wild strawberry and hints of oak. These carry into the mouth perfectly and new notes of cherry, plum and a slight dark chocolate note arise. The finish draws together all of these flavors and adds hints of roasted coffee and dried cranberries. Everything blends into a terrific pinot for the price. We enjoyed this wine with grilled rainbow trout and fresh greens from the garden.


Blackbeard Spiced Rum, Puerto Rico; $16

This is a terrific dark rum packed full of flavor. It starts with aromas of caramel and vanilla. Once it hits the mouth, the rum's flavors flow like silk -- layers of brown sugar, spice, vanilla bean and a creme brulee smoothness. The finish draws together all of the flavors, and there's a nice, warm bite of alcohol. This rum is named after Blackbeard the pirate, a featured villain in Disney's latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. Last month a team of archaeologists retrieved the anchor from the sunken ship Queen Anne's Revenge, which Blackbeard had captured, off the coast of North Carolina.