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The Perfect Complement: Beverage expert helps you pick your next sip


Hey Mambo Kinky Pink, California; $10

This terrific summer wine will work with almost any light meal. Just because it's pink does not mean it's sweet. This is a blend of 98 percent pinot noir and 2 percent chardonnay. It starts with aromas of wild strawberry and orange blossom. The flavors include perfect notes of tangerine, black plum and lemon zest, with a creamy, clean finish. This rose has loads of flavor, lots of character and it is delicious, glass after glass.


Seagram's 7 Stone Cherry, United States; $15

If you love blends and like cherry flavors, then this is your drink. The soft flavors of Seagram's 7 are paired with hints of citrus and notes of cherry in each sip. The cherry flavor stands out, and there are no harsh flavors or burn from the blend. It is one of the smoothest blends on the market. This is terrific straight or, for a great summer drink, it would be excellent mixed with cola.