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The Perfect Complement: Beverage expert helps you pick your next sip


2009 Tapena Rose, Spain; $10

This is the must-have summer wine for any get-together. It has characteristics of a light red, hints of a full-bodied white, and fruit-forward notes of a dry rose. It starts with a great nose of sweet cherries and fresh strawberries, which leads into a full-bodied, food-friendly tasting experience. Once the wine hits the mouth, layers of berries and pear notes are perfectly balanced with just the right touch of acidity. It would be terrific with anything from the grill.


Fire Starter Vodka, Moldova; $25

This is a package you will not forget: bright red and made to look like a fire extinguisher with a locking pin and nozzle. It will stand out on any bar. Made from wheat and triple distilled, this vodka delivers layers of smoothness. Aromas of fresh citrus zest and a pine resin fill the glass and dissipate quickly. Smooth flavors of subtle honey sweetness and a clean finish cover the taste buds and linger with each sip. There's no burn; just a soft and clean taste experience. It's a delicious vodka with great flavors and smoothness, perfect for martinis or on the rocks.