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For some, coffee is a way of life

Coffee? No thank you. Tea? Yes, please. My husband is a coffee drinker, and some of the grandchildren joined him in this endeavor. Grandson Nelson Smith chooses to eat breakfast when the coffee is hot so he can join his granddaddy in drinking a cup of Joe.

I have had coffee days. I remember spending the night with my Uncle George and Aunt Sadie, who were coffee drinkers. When my aunt made coffee, she added so much milk that the beverage became more milk than coffee. But it was my daddy who had the best coffee recipe. The coffee had to be hot -- not warm. He added three spoonfuls of sugar and enough milk to turn the dark black color to mocha.

These were the days when the aroma of coffee being percolated could be smelled throughout the house. Good coffee has body, smoothness and richness. A preference for weak or strong coffee depends on the individual.

Two of the more common methods for making coffee are percolation and filtration. Filtered, or drip, coffee has a finer flavor. Percolating can be more convenient and, when carefully done, makes a good grade of coffee.

Regardless of brewing method, for coffee to be its best, it should be served hot. For many, coffee is a way of life.

Now with the end of daylight saving time just around the corner, your sleep pattern might be disturbed. Coffee can come to your rescue. Dress up your taste buds and find new ways to offer coffee to your friends and relatives.