What's her secret?: 'It's God first, husband, then children'

Tina Toomer and her family
Tina Toomer and her family

Name: Tina Toomer

Husband: Larry

Town: Bluffton

Children: stepsons Larry Jr., 32, and George, 30; daughters Jessica, 22; Jackie, 21; and Jamie, 19; and five grandchildren

Occupation: co-owner of Bluffton Oyster Company and Bluffton Seafood House

Go-to dinner when the grandchildren are around: Fried shrimp, applesauce and french fries

Biggest pet peeve: Moms screaming at their children in public

Hobby: Riding her bike

Volunteer work: Tina volunteers with the children's program at LowCountry Community Church. She is a member of the Bluffton Old Town Merchant Society and is on the board of the Historic Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival.

Favorite mommy moment: "I think I have mommy moments every day," Tina said. "When all of us leave church and go home and just kind of chill and don't do anything. We don't work. The restaurant is closed. The oyster factory is closed. And we just all hang out at the house and have dinner together. The grandbabies, just the whole family together."

Most challenging moment: When her daughters moved out of the house. "Even though I've worked full time helping run two businesses, I still felt as if my most important job obviously was raising my children. ... It was almost like that part of my life was over, but it really wasn't. It was just going down a different road, a different avenue, because you'll always be a mother."

Stress reliever: Reading the Bible and praying every morning, and working out

Advice for other moms: "It's God first, husband, then children," Tina said. "I think we tend to forget our husbands sometimes." She also wants to remind mothers to enjoy their time with their children because "Before you know it, they're up and gone."

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