Packet Thank You Letters for Oct. 3

For Art Expo help

On behalf of Memory Matters, I would like to thank the following artists, organizations, galleries, volunteers and individuals for a successful Art Expo benefiting the adult day care programs and services at Memory Matters:

Shirley Good Becker, Judith Beckler, Marie Bertrand, Jesse Brennan, Kerri Bruns, Kay Burdin, Patricia Cavagnaro, Art Cornell, David Dalton, Eve Miller Davidson, Deb and Dave Dickson, Elaine Duncan, Wanda and Tom Eastham, Bonnie and Dan Evans, Jim Fannon, Al Haff, Lorrayne Harris, Gabrielle Hoffman, Amos Hummel, Janet and Vincent Izzo, Jo Kimberlin, Cynthia Kirschner, Reni Kuhn, David Lynch, Louanne LarRoche, Barbara Labouteley, Lindy Lindenbaum, Bob Locket, Brittany Maynard, David Musial, Chique Muller, D.J. Murray, Joyce and Don Nagel, Shirley Olinger, Marianne Passante, Lynda Potter, Shirley Pearse, Dave and Judy Russert, Sigi Rutherford, Betsy Schroeter, Doris Shay, Jim Smith, Dorothy Steelman, Mary Sullivan, Bing-ie Tan, Don Theodore, Marci Tressel, Lisa Watson, Carol Williams, the Lee Woodruff family, the volunteers and staff of Memory Matters, the Art League of Hilton Head, the Society of Bluffton Artists, the Sun City Artists, The Pink House Gallery, Picture This, Fast Frame-Port Royal Plaza, Camellia Art and Four Corners Framing-Bluffton.

A special thank you to the ECW of All Saints Episcopal Church, which provided wonderful food and a welcoming atmosphere. The evening was exceptional and a huge success thanks to all of our wonderful patrons.

Cathee Stegal program director

Memory Matters

Hilton Head Island

To endowment fund

On behalf of the Deep Well board, our staff and our volunteers, I'd like to thank the Long Cove Community Endowment Fund for its recent grant to help purchase a new computer server. This grant will enable us to serve our clients in a more efficient and timely manner.

It is particularly beneficial during this time of economic distress. Deep Well has been called upon to serve an increasing number of clients. Many find their hours have been cut or they have been laid off from businesses feeling the effects of a slower economy. While these clients struggled to pay their bills before, it has now become impossible for many of them. They must decide whether to pay their rent to avoid eviction or pay their electric bill to keep the power on. In many cases, they try to pay both and find they have no money left to buy food.

Deep Well volunteers, who work in the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. five days a week receive the calls and visits from our many clients. These volunteers take all the information and requests from the clients and enter it into the computers so that our director can access the information and make the necessary decisions. The endowment fund's grant has made it possible for Deep Well to function more efficiently in answering the needs of our clients.

Barbara Clark, president

Board of directors

The Deep Well Project

Hilton Head Island

For successful sale

On Sept. 24, Sun City Hilton Head held another well-attended Parking Lot Sale.

The event wouldn't have been so successful without new security and traffic-control measures implemented as a result of a security review following the spring event last April.

The Parking Lot Sale has grown in popularity over the past 10 years. We have seen more than 500 cars come through our front gate and at least 3,000 residents and guests buying used goods from residents. There have been minor incidents at each sale. With the growing number of attendees and vendors, we knew changes were needed to the fall Parking Lot Sale procedures to ensure the safety of residents and guests.

Those changes included shutting down Sun City Lane earlier to give residents more time to set up their tables. We also rerouted traffic so guests enteredthrough the Sun City North gate on U.S. 278 and took Sgt. William Jasper Boulevard into the Town Square parking lot. A parking fee of $10 a car was instituted to encourage carpooling and to offset the costs associated with increased traffic control and security. Ensuring the safety of guests and residents was the primary goal for the increased parking fee.

Jackie Bates

lifestyles director

Sun City Hilton Head