Packet Thank You Letters for June 20

From Deep Well

The residents of Wexford Plantation are experts in community giving. Not only have they provided great support for The Deep Well Project, but they have also had great fun with their charitable endeavors.

In March, the Women's Golf Association in Wexford sponsored a tournament that provided hundreds of brand-new baby clothes for Deep Well to distribute. Those helped by Deep Well are not accustomed to receiving new and beautiful goods, and the mothers were thrilled with such special gifts for their babies.

Wexford Tennis chose Deep Well as the beneficiary of its pro-am tournament. May 19 was a party affair as participants had a great time playing tennis, enjoying food and drink, and raising money for Deep Well. To have fun while helping Deep Well is a win-win for our community.

The past three years of economic downturn have resulted in more islanders in need of the basic services of rent payments, utility bills, food and medicine. Thanks to our caring community, Deep Well is able to keep up with the increased needs. We send our great thanks to all at Wexford Plantation who have opened their eyes and hearts to the needs of others and responded in such a grand way.

Betsy Doughtie, director

The Deep Well Project

Hilton Head Island

To Sun City golfers

Bluffton Self Help gratefully acknowledges receipt of a generous donation from the annual Chatterton Charity Classic held May 5 in Sun City Hilton Head.

The Chatterton Charity Classic has consistently supported Bluffton Self Help and other charities. In 1998, several members of the Sun City Women's Golf Association decided that instead of playing golf every week for fun and socialization, the league should consider contributing something to the community. Thus, the first association charity tournament was held. Since then, it has become an annual event raising thousands of dollars for local charities.

Bluffton Self Help's mission is to help those individuals in the greater Bluffton area who are in need of short-term documented financial assistance and to provide them with fundamental needs, such as food and clothing, while urging them to be more self-reliant. In addition, our community outreach includes assistance for children needing school uniforms, meals for needy families during the holidays and gifts for children at Christmas. This contribution will help us achieve this mission.

We hope to continue to prove we are worthy of such support.

Lili Coleman, executive director

Bluffton Self Help