Gazette Thank You Letters for Oct. 25

For Main Street

Congratulations to Main Street Beaufort, USA for orchestrating yet another successful Beaufort Shrimp Festival.

The Beaufort Inn, along with many downtown inns and bed and breakfasts, was thrilled to be fully committed for the entire weekend.

Thanks to the efforts of LaNelle Fabian and her dedicated team and board of directors, additional activities have been added to the Shrimp Festival lineup and events encouraged visitors to spend the night in Beaufort. These visitors dined in our fine restaurants and shopped in our galleries and quaint boutiques.

Downtown festivals and events are a vital component of our mission to grow Beaufort as a tourism destination. They are equally important to economic development efforts, allowing businesses, like mine, to offer staff more hours of work, as well as helping decrease local property taxes.

How lucky we are to have our beautiful Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park to showcase these events. How fortunate we are to live and work in such a magical place.

Julie Myers

The Beaufort Inn


For great fest

Congratulations to Port Royal's 2010 Festival of the Sea committee for putting on one of the best festivals I've been a part of in many years. Everything was well-organized and there were plenty of smiles all around. It was obvious that many people had done their homework.

One Port Royal town employee went beyond the call of duty to make sure the event was a success, and I thought someone should know about it. I joined two other authors in sharing a booth. However, each of us thought the other one had the tent, but none of us brought it. The beautiful weather meant lots of sun, which turned rather warm by midday. We knew that, unless clouds suddenly appeared, we were in for a hot afternoon. However, when Traci Haddock of Port Royal's codes department learned of our plight, she had a tent delivered to our booth. It made a world of difference to be out of the bright sun.

Ms. Haddock simply could have shrugged her shoulders and taken a "not my problem" approach. Instead, her actions meant a lot, both to the vendors and the customers who stopped by our booth. She will never know how much we appreciated her extra efforts. I simply could not let this go by without letting someone know.

This was the most successful I have ever been at a festival, and I am already planning to be part of next year's event -- and I promise to bring my own tent.

Kendall Bell


For hospitality

How touched my son James, his family and friends were with the wonderful Southern hospitality shown to us and the wounded warriors and their families during the Shrimp Festival weekend in your lovely city of Beaufort. You all were so kind to give your precious time to make it a most memorable weekend for everyone.

The hours you spent providing fun activities, delicious shrimp dishes, tours of your beautiful, historical city, the Lt. Dan Band performance and the Little Red Dog Foundation's bikes for wounded and disabled soldiers and vets were most appreciated.

A heartfelt thanks to all of you for sharing your special city and special people with us.

Nancy Wellons

Lynchburg, Va.

To St. Helena school

St. Helena Elementary School is a place of learning and teaching. Walking down the halls, you will see students who are focused, spending time on task and actively engaged in the process of learning.

Principal Kay Keeler and the entire staff have made an outstanding commitment to work together, bringing the best educational practices to their school. Guidance, resources and extra help are readily available to every student.

The three keystones of St. Helena Elementary are being "Ready, Responsible and Respectful." Teachers treat students with respect; in turn, students respect one another and all the adults in the building.

Not all test scores measure the quality of education that is being taught every day in the classroom. Students at St. Helena Elementary are being prepared to be successful in middle school, high school and college. As a substitute teacher, I go to many schools. It is always a joy to work at St. Helena Elementary.

Ellen Roberts

St. Helena Island