Local felines featured in "Bad Cat" and "365 Cats" calendars

Melissa and Rob Hallbeck's Tortie Point Siamese is a bad cat. But that's a good thing. Melissa said 3-year-old Hope is very loving but also a mischievous little creature.

And now the cat is out of the bag. Hope's big blue eyes can be seen in Workman Publishing Company's 2013 "Bad Cat" calendar. The Bluffton feline earned a spot on the Jan. 3 page of the latest calendar.

Melissa said she submitted a photo of Hope about a year ago and received a letter from the publishing company a few months ago.

"I thought I won the lottery," she said. "We were excited. My husband thought we won, too. He was a little disappointed when I said the cat was in the calendar compared to 'We won the lottery.'"

For Melissa, who is the coordinator of membership and donor programs at the Hilton Head Humane Association, this was like winning the lottery. She loves animals and has many of them, most of which have come from the no-kill shelter on Hilton Head Island.

Hope isn't the only local cat to be featured in a Workman Publishing calendar. A purebred Maine Coon named Savannah can be seen on the April 26 page of the 2013 "365 Cats" calendar.

Savannah's owner, Brooke Nesbitt of Hilton Head Island, described her as a cuddler, a diva and almost doglike.

"She really follows us around," Nesbitt said. "And she wants to be in the middle of everything."

Workman Publishing Company editor-in-chief Susan Bolotin said the company has published "365 Cats" for the past 27 years and "Bad Cat" for the past eight years.

"We're so grateful that people who use and love the calendars trust us with pictures of their most precious pets," Bolotin said. "We do want to supply that feeling that every day you're eager to turn the page and move on to the next page and the next day and the next cat."


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