Art League of Hilton Head presents annual Fabulous Fakes exhibit

By Joyce Nagel
By Joyce Nagel Submitted Photo

The Art League of Hilton Head's annual Fabulous Fakes exhibit is a chance to honor great artists of the past through mimicry or parody.

This year, it will also be a chance to recognize the history of the league itself.

The one-day event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. About 23 members will have paintings in the show. Some are straightforward copies of famous paintings. Others tweak the original works, such as Don Nagel's take on Renoir's "After the Bath, 1888." The duplicate is a near copy of the original, but look closely to find a tattoo in a curious spot.

As always, visitors are encouraged to vote in a "best of show award" while there. And, if they like a piece, they can always purchase it.

In addition to the art, the exhibit this year will take a look back at the 40-plus years of the art league's existence, honoring certain members for their contributions.

A tribute will honor the memory of Nancy Wittke, who died earlier this year. The local artist came up with the idea for Fabulous Fakes. On display will be a selection of her art, along with a dress she made and painted in an homage to modernist Marc Chagall.

Early scrapbooks from the art league will also be on display and plans are in place to honor several other longtime art league members as a surprise.

Co-chairwoman Rosemary Kimball said with the death of her friend Wittke came the realization that oftentimes people pass on before proper recognition is paid.

"We need to recognize and look back every once in a while," she said.


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