From the Beacon: 'Own the Night' this summer at Beaufort County library branches

The summer reading program at Beaufort County's libraries is fast approaching; registration begins on June 4 for children and teens, and the program officially starts June 11.

This year's theme for the teen summer reading program is "Own the Night," and the libraries are planning a variety of programs and weekly incentives for grades six through 12. There is no assigned reading; participants can read anything they want and they must read a minimum of three books or completed 10 hours of reading by July 21 to be eligible to enter into the grand prize drawings. If you are looking for some suggestions on possible reads for the summer, here are a few "night" books you may enjoy:

One hundred years after the sinking of the Titanic, we are still fascinated and horrified by the tragedy. In "The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic," Allan Wolf brings the event to life through 24 different perspectives across the ship, from the ship's rat to the captain and even the iceberg itself. Using poetry, bits of conversation, telegraphs, and undertakers' reports, this is a powerful, captivating and moving novel that makes history come alive.

First in a series, "Nightshade," by Andrea Cremer, introduces us to Calla Tor, a 17-year-old girl who is also a werewolf. As part of the Guardians, it is her duty to serve and protect the Keepers, a group of powerful wizards. All her life Calla has done as she was told and is prepared for her 18th birthday when she will be mated to another werewolf and will lead a new pack. However, as the eve of her birthday nears and a new boy appears at school, Calla begins to question all she has been told in her life and what the truth really is. Fans of Maggie Stiefvater's "Shiver" trilogy and Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's "Beautiful Creatures" series won't want to miss this one.

"The House of Night" series by P.C. and Kristin Cast, beginning with "Marked," is set in a world very similar to ours, but in this reality, vampires are real. The series follows Zoey Redbird, a newly marked vampire, as she enters school and prepares to transform into an adult vampire. Surrounded by new friends, potential boyfriends, unseen evils, and unknown abilities, Zoey has to navigate the trials of being a teenager, learn to embrace her new identity and have the courage to accept her destiny. With 10 novels, two novellas and a handbook for fledgling vampires, this series will keep any vampire enthusiast turning the pages all summer long.

For a pulse-pounding mystery, try "The Night She Disappeared," by April Henry. Gabie works at the local pizza parlor making and delivering pizzas. One night, she switches shifts with Kayla and Kayla goes missing while out on a delivery. Gabie is convinced that the attacker meant to target her instead of Kayla. Teaming up with her co-worker Drew, they try to figure out who took Kayla and find her while she is still alive. Told from alternating viewpoints, this is a page-turner from start to finish.

We hope to see you at the library this summer for our summer reading program. Contact your local library for more information on programs and prizes at each branch.