First And Best: Wally Stone

Get to know: Wally Stone, historian and bass singer for the Hilton Head Island Barbershoppers

First thing people should know about barbershop

It's the four-part harmonies. With barbershopping there are chords that are reached, they mesh so well that they just ring. You can tell when you've hit a chord. ... If somebody new (to barbershopping) hears these chords, it's just a revelation.

Best barbershop song

Things like "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," like we do for Valentine's Day, or "Sweet Adeline." ... When we go out and sing a valentine to your wife or girlfriend, we sing it to them, personally give them a rose and give them a personalized card. It's from the person who loves them. That's about as good as you can get.

First time singing barbershop

My father was a barbershopper. It was 1950, back in Sharon, Pa., and he wanted me to go to a meeting, which I did and I eventually joined. ... We moved to Hilton Head in 1987. We were down at Harbour Town and the barbershoppers were singing. ... I went and talked to one of the gentlemen and the next thing I knew I'm a barbershopper again (laughs).

Best thing about Valentine's Day

The people who you sing to. ... I've had occasions where we sang to a man and he cried. His wife was standing by him, and he just actually cried. Many times you might go in and sing in an office somewhere to a particular person and, well, it's not long until the whole company is there. I mean everybody is there. It's one of the most fun things we do.

First time you fell in love

The first time I thought I was in love or wanted to be was in high school. I came out of chemistry class and saw (Ginger) in the hallway and I asked her for a date. That was about 1943, and I've been married to her for almost 59 years.