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STOKES: Choose wisely when selecting a Christmas gift for sportsman or woman

I relate good chilly weather -- below 70 degrees -- as a good time to shop for Christmas.

I still accomplish the chore rather quickly, but every now and then I can be distracted. Much of my wish list remains among those items I choose for others.

My wife, Jean, says I get lost, but I like to refer to it as investigating alternative choices and destinations.

We manage to get through the time without lawyers or mediators and still remain friends.

Time will tell, I normally associate how well the season was received sometime in January, about the time our credit card bills arrive.

But in truth and summary, here's the thing -- for some an envelope and card shares the same, if not as much, joy as box and bow. And that in spite of the delusional and counterfeit form of Christmas so many now believe, it's important to share your view and your pew with those you find most interesting.

For the sportsman in your life, I am often called upon for suggestions during the holidays to make someone special feel the same. While there are many choices it is important that your selection fits the user. You can spend as much or as little as your pocketbook will tolerate, some more than others.

But it is not the price as so many have said before, but the thought. And the thought should be -- will the item be fully appreciated.

Here are a few suggestions that may help: Club memberships, collectible knives, guns or memorabilia, custom storage cabinets or cases, engraved catch-all boxes, season tickets, fishing or hunting trip or charter.

Better yet consult the sportsman's shop your spouse frequents; they often know preferences and wish lists.