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If you're going to be late for fishing, at least have a good excuse

I am rarely late for things, but have a problem when others fail to show the same consideration. Although some may see it differently, I consider myself a fairly patient individual. But fishing tides do not wait and I tend to get a bit testy.

A few years ago my fishing partner pulled into the drive late, as usual. Running the gamut of excuses, he apologized and said it would not happen again.

The next day he was late, so I went fishing alone. When I returned to the landing, he was all grins. I inquired as to what was so funny.

"I was stopped for speeding, and I know I will be more careful in the future," he said. "I was let off with a warning and was relieved when the officer informed me of the consequences. He was amused when I told him that if the County wanted you to drive slower, they should display the fine for doing otherwise -- Your speed is $125."


  • The details for the coastal area black bear hunt are available by calling 803-734-3886 and requesting an application. Applications can also completed at any S.C. Department of Natural Resources regional office.
  • Sea Turtle Nesting: The DNR Marine Turtle Conservation Program reports that approximately 4,011 sea turtle nests were laid this season on beaches that are monitored. In addition to nesting by the loggerhead sea turtle, we have had one green sea turtle nest on Cape Island and four leatherback nests (three on Hilton Head Island and one on Hunting Island State Park).
  • The Fripp Island Owen Perry Memorial Fishing Tournament will be Oct. 21-22. The tournament's proceeds go to assist Camp Rainbow for kids with cancer and rare blood diseases. The tournament starts Friday, Oct. 21, with registration and a captains meeting from 6 to 7 p.m., followed with a Lowcountry cookout by Chef Doolittle. An auction will be held, with proceeds going to Camp Rainbow. For information, call the Fripp Island Marina at 843-838-1517 or Captain Ralph at 843-986-4070.
  • Bay Street Outfitters in Beaufort will be hosting Oliver White, of Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas, for a presentation at 6 p.m. Monday. Refreshments will be provided. White has been a guide in Wyoming and Montana and now manages one of the premier destinations in the Bahamas.

    The South Atlantic black sea bass commercial fishing season has closed, and there has been talk about a temporary halt to recreational fishing in November due to populations being reduced to dangerously low levels. These measures are necessary to restore the sea bass population. Managers will examine more data this month and the results will be posted.

    Seasonal changes will impact federal waters from North Carolina to Florida. Commercial fishermen, who have reached their annual quota of 309,000 pounds, will be prohibited from taking more bass until their fishing season reopens June 1, 2012.

    The summer catch by recreational fishermen was 45 percent of their annual 409,000-pound limit. When fishermen approach their annual quota, managers may shorten the recreational season, which began in June. Fishery managers hope catch amounts will be lower than expected because of a rule that limited recreational fishermen from 15 fish per day to five.

    For more information, contact Debbie Salamone, communications manager for the Pew Environment Group, at 321-972-5020 or 407-982-0958.


    Fishing is a lot like life, it's a joint effort. At times you must be willing to give up control and share the burden. This teamwork will create something much better than you could by working alone.