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Sea turtles nest on Hilton Head Island beaches

IIn the summer, threatenedloggerhead seaturtles nest on the 12miles of beaches onHilton Head Island.Turtles weighing upto 300 pounds emergefrom the ocean, dig holesin the sand, and deposit asmany as 120 eggs on theupper part of the beach.

Near dawn, you can seestaff from the Sea TurtleProtection program, run bythe Town of Hilton HeadIsland and the CoastalDiscovery Museum, ridingtheir ATVs on the beach,checking for new nests.

Nests below the hightide line are relocatedcloser to the dunes on thebeach, so they won't beflooded by a very high tide.

After about 60 days,hatchlings emerge when thetemperature drops at night.After the hatchlings leavethe nests, the staff inventorieseach nest to determinehow many eggs successfullyhatched.

If you see a sea turtle,hatchling, nest, or turtletracks (which look liketracks made by a small bulldozer)on the beach, leavethem alone.