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Local language is rich and varied

Hilton Head Islandis home to deeprootedtraditions.From local cultures,to traditional food,here are just a few thingsyou might hear people sayduring your visit:

LOWCOUNTRY BOILAlso called Frogmore Stew,Lowcountry Boil is a tastydish of smoked sausage,corn on the cob, shrimp andpotatoes, boiled together fora great flavor.

MARSH TACKYMarsh tackies are workhorses that island farmersonce used for plowing andpulling wagons. The stoutlybuilt, powerful horses wereturned loose each year inNovember after the harvestto graze in the marshes.

THE HERITAGEIf you hear someonemention "Heritage," "TheClassic" or "The biggestparty on Hilton Head," itis in reference to the annualPGA Tour tournament heldin April at the HarbourTown Golf Links in SeaPines.

The tournament beganin 1969 and locals are veryproud of it and it has helpedput our little island on themap.

Such legends as ArnoldPalmer, Davis Love III, andJack Nicklaus have claimedthe Heritage trophy overthe years.

LOWCOUNTRYThe coastal areas ofBeaufort, Jasper, Allendale,Charleston, Colleton andHampton counties make upthe Lowcountry.

SPANISH MOSSThat fluffy, beard-like stuffyou see dangling from thetrees isn't moss. It is actuallypart of the pineapple family,and it doesn't harm trees.

OYSTER ROASTA popular social event inthe fall, winter and earlyspring is an oyster roast. Theshell fish are gathered fromthe local rivers, and bushelsof fresh oysters are roastedover an open fire and thendevoured by hungry diners.

GULLAHThe Gullah culture- a mix of West African,European and NativeAmerican cultures - is aname for the lifestyle of WestAfrican slaves living in theLowcountry, isolated fromthe mainland. The termis used to describe NativeIslanders, their language andtheir culture.