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Cobia catches coming in fast and furious around Broad River

Now is the time.

That's the latest cobia report from Captain Tom at Topgun Charters, who said two elderly anglers on his last charter hauled in a 29-pound cobia and a king. He practically had to pull them back to shore, because there was a cobia that looked to be 70 to 80 pounds swimming around the boat.

The next day, Captain Tom and his mate, Mills, went back to get him and landed a 62-pounder.

The Broad River seems to be the main attraction recently with the arrival of large cobia, but some of the largest have come from outer buoys and channel markers. The Combahee cut continues to show well for stragglers, and these fish aren't picky about baits or spooked by boat slap or surface commotion.

Other species that are yielding good results are sheepshead, wahoo, dolphin, bluefish, blackfish, black drum, whiting and a variety of sharks. The consistent catch comes from live baits specific to the species you seek. On those days when everything is right except the bite, go to large artificials and remember the flash. Colors in white shad, silver minnow and chartreuse are best.


Red Bluff Lodge in Allendale will be host a concealed weapons permit and National Rifle Association basic pistol training seminar from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on May 21. The seminar is open to the public and costs $100 to attend.

Lunch, range fees, and all forms necessary for completion are included. Pistol rental and ammunition purchase are available. Pre-registration is required and limited to 15 students.

The seminar will introduce students to the skills and attitude necessary for safely owning and carrying a pistol. Students will learn about pistol parts, operation and ammunition, safety and shooting fundamentals.

Also on the agenda will be South Carolina gun laws, concealed carry tactics and shooting techniques. Students will have to demonstrate learned shooting techniques on the range.

Upon successful completion, students will have met all the requirements to receive their South Carolina concealed weapons permit and NRA basic pistol certification.

To register, call Jim Boone at 803-584-7363 or 803-300-1179 or send email to Boone is certified as an instructor by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and NRA.


The Hilton Head Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering a basic boating safety course on May 17, May 19 and May 21. Classes will be held at the Hilton Head Boathouse on Squire Pope Road. The May 17 and May 19 courses will be held in the evening, and the May 21 course will be in the morning.

The program is geared to safe boat operation, legal requirements of boating, rules of the waterway, navigation, and enjoying water sports. The course meets the requirements for obtaining a South Carolina boaters license. For more information and to register, call Ron Goldenberg at 342-5782.


The Lowcountry Patriots will hold their sixth annual Banquet and Auction to benefit Friends of NRA on May 21 at Quality Inn in Beaufort. All are invited for an evening of fun and delicious food, including Bob Brower's barbecue. Firearms will be sold in live and silent auctions, and there will be door prizes.

Proceeds go to the nonprofit NRA Foundation for South Carolina youth firearms safety and education programs. Funds also support JROTC, women's safety classes, shooting range development and improvement and wildlife conservation.

Doors open 5:30 p.m., and tickets are available at Port Royal Gun & Pawn or online at Tickets are $30 for adults or $15 for chidren age 16 and under.

For details, call Skip Mercer at 263-3671 or send email to


Dedicated to all us seniors, to those who know seniors, and to all who will become seniors.

An irate customer called the circulation department of the local newspaper demanding an explanation for why his Sunday paper was not delivered.

"I read the paper each morning before heading off to the river," he said. "The weekend edition allows me a chance to reflect on the working class and how I am grateful I am now retired."

"Sir," the woman from the paper said, "today is Saturday. You will have to wait till tomorrow for the Sunday edition."

After a lengthy pause, the caller was heard to mutter something just as he hung-up.

"Hey Mildred," he said. "You was asking me why there was no one at church this morning when you arrived. Guess what?"