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Next-best thing to home is a place in the woods

A rather old-fashioned, delicate elderly lady was invited to join family members on a camping trip to South Carolina. Not wanting to be a burden on her family, she decides to handle things a bit differently. In her delicate stage and advanced years, certain necessities are paramount in all travels, so she wrote a letter to the campground and inquired about their facilities.

She wanted to ensure the area was fully equipped but didn't know quite how to ask. In short, she couldn't bring herself to write toilet in her letter. After much thought and a few visits with friends of her ilk, she decided to use bathroom commode as an alternative. After composing the letter this also didn't quite look gentle enough, so she substituted the words bathroom commode with the letters B.C. She wrote as eloquently as possible, "Does your campground have a fully functional B.C.?"

After receiving the letter, the manager of the campground tried in vain to contact the elderly lady.

With time growing short as to her arrival and after many attempts to decipher the meaning of the letters B.C., he decided to share the question with members of his staff.

The general conclusion was that the letters must stand for Baptist Church.

He replied, "I regret the delay in responding to your inquiry but I am glad to inform you that a B.C. is available. The location is five miles from our location and is fully functional and capable of seating well over 200 people. If the distance is a concern, we make shuttle runs every morning and afternoon, after breakfast and before supper. If you are in the habit of going more regular, as many of our guests entertain a more mid-day schedule, that should not be a concern either. Many of our guests will take lunches along and make a day of it, arriving on the first shuttle and staying for the last. You may be more accustomed to a larger facility but for now this is the best we can offer. Next week the wife and I plan on attending a supper to raise funds for more seating. The last time we were able to go we had to stand up the entire time, in the back next to the exit. It's painful not being able to go more regularly, as we grow older it seems much more of an effort. I assure you it is not through any lack of desire on our part. Should you decide to visit our campground please allow me to introduce you to our regulars. Perhaps I could go with you the first time. Remember our motto from your brochure, 'The next-best thing to being home is a place in the woods.' "


The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council will host a meeting to review fishery management plan amendments under development and provide fishing level recommendations for South Atlantic red snapper. The meeting is set for Nov. 8-10 at the Holiday Inn, located at 5264 International Boulevard, in North Charleston. For more information, call 843-308-9331.


With the on-again, off-again weather trends, decisions are more or less forced upon us relating to the day's activities. When the winds are slack inshore, you can bet they will be howling offshore. When bait is easily taken inshore, chances are they are ignoring your choices offshore. But this is the name of the game and no other sport offers the element of surprise like that of fishing.

Currently taking the hook: Spottail bass, trout, flounder, croaker, black drum, blacktip shark and sheepshead are dominating inshore waters. At the present time, offshore catches are a bit more varied. The wrecks and reefs are producing large catches of blackfish while trolling has shown to be productive for Spanish and king mackerel. Surprisingly, a good many dolphin have been taken this past week. A few calls also came in on reports for wahoo and tuna, showing signs at the 10-mile range. Again, keep an eye on the weather. Late-season storms and high winds can become intense at times.


2011 S.C Governor's Cup Billfishing Series

  • May 11-14, Bohicket Marina Invitational Billfish Tournament; Contact: Bryan Richardson, 1880 Andell Bluff Blvd, Johns Island, SC, 29455; Phone: 843-768-1280: Fax: 843-768-3481; E-mail:
  • May 25-28, 44th annual Georgetown Blue Marlin Tournament; Contact: John Horton, P.O. Box 1704, Georgetown, SC 29442; Phone: 843-546-1776; Fax: 843-546-7832; E-mail:
  • June 22-25, Carolina Billfish Classic; Contact: Deidre Menefee, 1625 Savannah Hwy., Charleston, SC 29407; Phone: 843-345-0369; Fax: 888-758-3950; E-mail:
  • July 6-9, HMY/Viking MEGADOCK Billfishing Tournament; Contact: McKenzie Hutaff, P.O. Box 759, Charleston, SC, 29402; Phone: 843-278-4920; Fax: 843-577-7704; E-mail:
  • July 27-30, Edisto Marina Billfish Tournament; Contact: Becca Smith, 3702 Docksite Road Edisto Beach, SC, 29438; Phone: 407-463-2082; Fax: 843-869-3738; E-mail:
  • Learn more about the South Carolina Governor's Cup Billfishing Series by contacting Amy Dukes at or 843-953-9365.


    In reference to the opening of this column, this is camping season for a good many of us in the Lowcountry. Whether we find other access during these trips such as fishing or hunting, it is always better to be prepared. Taking along a few essentials will make your outings much more enjoyable.

    Foldable chairs make life around the campfire more comfortable. Fire logs from home make things easier when firewood is wet or hard to find. Baby wipes make things a bit easier to clean up.

    Ziploc bags and an extra bit of rope always come in handy. Last but equally as important, make sure you have an emergency kit complete with first aid supplies and extra cell phone batteries.

    Enjoy your time in the outdoors and remember, it is your backyard. Keep it litter-free. Clean up after your stay and be someone else's conscience by carrying out a bit more.