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Beaufort County bridge club results


Winners on March 12 were: 10 tables, N/S, first, Marcia Meyer and Mary Stag; second, Cliff and Nancy Rhein; third, Donna Stearns and Dick Briggs; fourth, Doreeen Mendenhall and Lil Collings; third in B section, Dinksie Dobbratz and Rosalind Cochran; second in C section, Roger and Sandra Anderson; E/W, first, Bill and Nancy Ball; second, Paul Cuffe and Jeff Stopford; third, Dick Collins and Gene Ogden; fourth, Lynn Hoos and Hedy Williams; second in C section, Craig Glenn and Elizabeth O'Neal. Details: 843-379-9857, 843-838-9780


Winners on March 4 were: Wade Roemke and Joe Tatarski. Winners on March 5 were: 8 tables, N/S, Jan House and Martha McMahon; E/W, Lesley Fells and Nona Valiunas. Winners on March 8 were: 14 tables, N/S, Pam Minton and Mariellen Schwentker; E/W, Candace Bundy and Lesley Fells. Details: 843-987-3333


Winners on March 5 were: George and Eleanor Wigton; Thea Heimlich and Sandra Rosenberg; Bill and Cynthia Clifford; Drew and Ellie Houston; Anthea and Alan Grogno; Brian and Earlene Bennett; Garry and Lois Minnie; John Delnero and Walt Cederholm. Winners on March 6 were: Tom Schlossberg and Ken Oberg; Richard Distlerath and Tom Harries; Joyce Overton and Lori Eckert; Stu Brown and Robert Lane. Winners on March 7 were: Ken Pietsch and Mike Salera; Carolyn Kelley and Karla Collins; Bill and Cynthia Clifford; Max Hamlyn and Margaret Paules; John and Margaret Dillon; Pat Burke and Linda Haueuser; Jim Reynolds and Carol Lang; Sandra Cliff and Peggy Stehly. Winners on March 9 were: Barbara Johnson and Joyce Lee; Pat Burke and Peggy Stehly; David Kelly and Evelyn Longsworth; Jane Wise and Patricia Fennell.